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Know what's happening
by the bedside.

Empowering Patients and their Families is critical to the successful care of a patient. Adverse Events (AE) and Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) causes not only patients to suffer needlessly but also impacts the care-givers.  Our solution is a bridge between the caregivers and patients and their families.  It strives to improve quality by meaningfully involving all parties in the care of a patient. Our solution is the first of its kind where patients are empowered knowing the care they are receiving, the steps involved and how well they are carried out.

Our Approach
How We Help


While a patient is treated in an in-patient facility, our solution acts as their advocate, watching out for them, ensuring a safe perimeter around their bed.  We monitor the activities taking place by their bedside and ensure that high quality, safe interactions take place.  We reduce hospital acquired conditions and reduce recovery times.

Patient Families

Families can have a peace of mind, knowing what's happening by the bedside of their loved one. Our solution sends real time feed of events happening by the bedside.  A family member can be at a remote place and yet know the care being given in the hospital. They can be actively engaged in the care.


As much as we care about the patient, our solution pays equal attention to the care of the care providers.  Our solution helps the caregivers  carry out the tasks without missing any steps. We reduce fatigue.  Our solution helps and compliments the care processes and protocols to follow to reduce the adverse events.

Quality Managers

Our solution based on computer vision collects crucial data that is otherwise impossible to collect with sheer instrumentation. The data can be used towards quality metrics and inputs to value based care systems.  Our powerful patient safety analytical engines gives you valuable in depth insights.

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