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Patient Advocate

While a patient lies in his bed, our solution acts as his advocate, watching out for his safety.  Our system enforces a safe perimeter around their bed, preventing adverse events. We reduce hospital acquired conditions and minimize hospitalization time.


Patient Care-Giver


Our solution understands the activities taking place by the bedside and gives hints to the caregivers to the protocol they need to follow to carry out the task.  It displays daily care plans by the bedside, what has been accomplished and when the next actions need to take place. This improves effectiveness and reduces fatigue of the caregivers.


Patient Engagement

As a family member you will have peace of mind knowing what is happening with your loved one in the hospital. You can remotely monitor the activities and you can keep tabs on anything out of the ordinary happening. Know daily care plans, what has been accomplished and if timely care is provided.

Solution Overview

Technology for
Patients & Families.

Solution Overview

How It Works

Any smartphone or a camera docked by the bedside is used to understand various activities that are taking place around the patient during an in-patient stay.  Our app streams the events detected to the designated family members and the progress made towards the daily care plans can be followed. Alarms can be raised when anything out of the ordinary is noted. Our system acts as the patient's advocate 24/7.

Patient Safety related issues costs hospital, both clinically and financially.  No one is immune to mental slips and lapses. Our solution helps caregivers perform the task effectively and without missing any steps. Our advanced solution based on computer vision detects a variety of activities and gives bedside cues to the protocols that need to be followed. Our solution seamlessly fits with your existing practices to further gain improvements in the areas such as hand hygiene, pressure ulcers reduction and falls prevention.

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